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Karine Molloy was born in 1983 in New Carlisle in the Gaspé Peninsula (Quebec, Canada). Her interest in the arts awakens from the age of 5, while she practices classical ballet until she is 11 years old. Afterwards, she discovers Van Gogh at the local library, it's love at first sight. A first course of painting introduces her to the pleasure of colors and the freedom of creation. The dramatic art and theater are linked with the painting (figurative) behind. Her passion for nature led her first to studies in forestry. At the end of this program it is in visual arts (2004) at the University of Sherbrooke that she adventure herself. She explores Riopelle, Miro and Matisse then she discovers Frida. As many artists who make her vibrate by their gestures, their intensity, their colors, their freedom.


In 2010 is unveiled his first solo exhibition in abstraction. Then followed many individual exhibitions, all of which have been presented at cultural broadcasting centers recognized in 2012 (3), 2013, 2014, 2015 (3), 2020 (1). Winner of several awards of emerging artist, Molloy continues her career as a professional artist on the south shore of Montreal.



Artistic approach


MOLLOY's work is strongly influenced by this search for the relation between the empty and the full, the background and the strength of the line.